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Sublimation Textile Printing

Sublimation textile print gives the option to make a full coloured print on roll /allover print/ and to a preliminary
shaped details. 

Especially suitable for “Fast Fashion” because of it ability to be rapidly manufactured in not so big quantity with
a deversity of sizes, patterns and without colour limitations. 


we have Epson 9200 printers, calenders and presses Monti Antonio
we can offer wide format print up to 160cm and length according to your needs. Can be the length of a whole
roll, also offering fluorescent inks.

Main materials we print:

textile and knitwear on base of polyester and polyester with elastane.
satin, schiffon, gabardine, lining, neoprene, microfiber, tricot and other on polyester base. 

We are suitable subcontractor for:

export-oriented factories,
manufacturers in the inner market
advertising and marketing agencies.

Main products

fashion – fashion, casual, street

t-shirts, blouses, dresses, tunics, vests, leggings, skirts, shorts, coats, scarves, veils, swimwear, costumes,
bermuda shorts, beach shorts ….


t-shirts for active sport and leisure, leggings, sportsuits, jackets, accesories like fan scarves, bandanas,
headkerchieves, buffs and other.

interiors – home decor

damasks, shower curtains, curtains, blankets, bedspreads, tablecloths, tablerunners, decorative pillows, bed
sets and others.

advertising textile products

textile bags and mesh bags, aprons, kitchen gloves, handles, bath towels, umbrellas, flags and banners,
women scarves and viels, bandanas …


The technology of printing and our equipment gives us the possibility to offer manufacturing of single products
with custom design under certain conditions.

for better visualization of what can be made, please have a look at:






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