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Promo Textile

In the field of print advertising we offer branding in a tremendously wide spectre of advertising products
used as well in advertising and promotional campaigns, as in expos, shows, different types themed or
educative seminars, sporting and other events.

Branding techniques:

Digital T-shirt printing, Automatic Silkscreen, Sublimation print, Embroidery and application

Main printed materials are:

textile and knitwear,
cotton, viscose, polyester, mixed fabrics and fabrics with elastane.

We are suitable subcontractor for:

advertising and marketing agencies when they need subcontractor for branding of advertising textile products.

Main products

t-shirts, cotton and full coloured bags, flags, banners, full coloured aprons or with lined print, table cloths,
bedrunners, bedcovers, headkerchieves, buffs, bandanas, pillows or pillow covers, oven gloves and
handles, women scarves and veils and many more.

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The technology of printing and our equipment not always let us brand already knitted clothes.




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