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is a tightly specialized printing factory in the Textile printing field. 

Founded more than 20 years ago, 
we strive to be the best subcontractor of every company which creates textile products 
in the fields of fashion, sport, home decor,
also to advertising companies realising their marketing strategies.
The Factory is located on a 1350sq.m land near the eastern industrial zone in Plovdiv.

We offer almost all main printing techniques:

Automatic Silkscreen, Sublimation print, Embroidery and application

in silkscreen: 

we have automatic machines MHM and ROQ with their respective intermediate dryers and tunnel dryers for fixation, presses for
folio placement and transfers.

in sublimation print:

we have Epson 9200 printers, calenders and presses Monti Antonio

in embroidery:

we have automatic machines for embroidery and lasers for application making


we have a design studio for design, preprint and film making

Main printed materials are:

textile and knitwear,
cotton, viscose, polyester, mixed fabrics and fabrics with elastane.

Our main clients are: 

as export-oriented factories, as also
manufacturers in the inner market in the field of:
women, kids and men knitwear in different styles.
sportswear and accessories.
articules for textile home decor.

Other main client is the advertising companies for which as subcontractor,
we make branded advertising textile products.

What time it takes for manufacturing and delivery?

usually we print the orders in 3-5 working days. Often we make it sooner.

How do you form your prices?

to be honest as possible to you what we need is this: 1. design for printing, 2. its size and colours, 3. over what fabric
and colour will be printed, 4. what quantity are you going to order.

What is the minimum order?

depending on the printing technique, the minimum order will be different, also it depends on the quantity of
colours of the stamp or embroidery, depends on the size as well as on the type if quality material, so you
should better make a more detailed asking.

Can I order 1 piece?

unfortunately our equipment is industrial and does not allow producing of single units.

Do you make samples before actual manufacturing?

yes, the sample is a obligatory element in the premanufactoring process.

Do you make designs for stamps and embroideries?

yes, under certain conditions as assignment clarity when the client gives directions, samples or pictures of a
product with a design. please contact us for more information.

What is the guarantee that you won’t offer our designs to other clients?

we consider this as unethical and we have never done it so we won’t let it.

What is the print quality guarantee?

the responsibility for the quality stamps is entirely ours, if problem arise, depending on the size of the matter we can
recover partially or entirely the real damages.

What inks and printing pastes you use?

mainly we use eco water soluble inks from reputable European and Japanese companies with the respective

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We have friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you with your screenprinting quotes, orders, needs or questions….. 

So please feel free to contact us! 

Plovdiv city
13 “Iagodovsko shose” Str.

mob.  +359 / 888 / 66 26 72 – Stanislav Draganov

E-mail: office@piraprint.com

Map Coordinates: 42.14565, 24.80139




    13 "Iagodovsko shose" Str.


    0888 662 672