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Digital printing on T-shirts – DTG

Digital direct printing on t-shirts, knitwear and textile as a whole gives an opportunity to make full-coloured prints as on already sewn shirts and clothes, as on prepared for print cut out details.
It gives an opportunity for rapid manufacturing in small quantities with size variability of the prints and without colour restrictions.
cost in comparison to other techniques.
Also is suitable for advertising and promotional campaigns or different events.


we have industrial equipment for direct digital print on t-shirts
which allows for not only digital prints but also
glitter, folio, and other additional techniques.

Main materials we print:

textile and knitwear,
cotton, viscose, polyester, mixed fabrics and fabrics with elastane.

We are suitable subcontractor for:

export-oriented factories,
manufacturers in the inner market
advertising and marketing agencies.

Main products

kids fashion – t-shirts, bodysuits, dresses, knitted products, …
women fashion – blouses, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, …
men fashion – t-shirts, sweatshirts, bermuda shorts, …
advertising – t-shirts, blouses, textile bags, aprons, ….

Sizes and Prices

print size 50x70cm
pricing calculation:
– upon given digital file and quantity.

note: The technology of printing and our equipment gives us the possibility to offer manufacturing of single products with custom design under certain conditions like before coming large quantity printing.




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